Meetings & Governance

In accordance with EDC Warren County’s commitment to efficiency, openness, accountability and full disclosure of information this section contains EDC’s Board meeting agendas, minutes, and related documentation, as well as audit reports and annual reports, as they are put forth.

NYS enacted the Public Authorities Accountability Act (PAAA) of 2005, which was signed into law in January 2006.  This law established guidelines for the governance of public authorities as well as disclosure requirements relating to the structure, activities, policies and finances of the authorities.

EDC Warren County has been defined by the NYS Authorities Budget Office as a local authority, a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with, sponsored by, or created by a county, city, and town or village government.  In order to comply with the primary purpose of the law that ensures greater efficiency, openness and accountability of New York State’s authorities, comprehensive reporting, auditing, governance and property disposition requirements have been established.

EDC Board Meetings

For information on upcoming EDC Board of Directors meetings including Board meeting agendas, minutes, and related documentation, Also included are EDC Board Committee meetings – Audit & Finance Committee and Governance Committee agendas and minutes.

Warren County Economic Recovery Task Force Meetings

As of January 28th, 2021 EDC Warren County hosts the Warren County Economic Recovery Task Force meetings to discuss ideas, share information, identify problems and potential solutions impacting Warren County’s economy during and after the COVID 19 pandemic. Formed in March 2020, the group is an ad hoc committee of business people, local officials, healthcare, education and tourism hospitality leaders. Meetings are held on a weekly basis at 10am Thursdays via Zoom Technology. EDC manages meeting notices and materials and are posted on EDC’s website.


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